There is someone out there that really cares about you and your future? Wise Owl is that someone.


Due to protecting the confidentially of our clients, we have summarized our clients stories and their comments on their experience using our services.

One of our original clients was going through a new chapter of their life. They contacted us to serve as a guide for them to start their own business. We worked for several months with the client in laying out the “roadmap” for the business plan and all the necessary steps to accomplish the plan along with weekly/bi-monthly meetings. The client sent us a letter that arrived the day of our grand opening celebration for Wise Owl Consulting, Inc. The note said, “Thank you for being my guide at the most trying time of my adult life.”

Another client needed our help in restructuring their life after a spouse of 50+ years passed away. We worked with them for about five months and it was amazing to see the transformation of power this person took back. They started volunteering at local community centers and schools, started traveling, driving and sold their home and relocated. It was like seeing the butterfly going through the metamorphosis stages. The client sent us a note, which said, “Thank you for helping me to see that I have a wonderful life ahead of me.”

We are working with many clients as Financial Guides to help them save and spend more advantageously in preparation for future needs and wants. They have shared some of the following comments,

“Thank you for helping me to stay in my home and not to have to relocate my children after
the divorce.”

“You have helped me to understand how to establish my credit which has changed my life.”

“I never realized how important a budget could be. I wish I had known of your services before
I was on my own. It would have been so much easier knowing what I know now.”

“I was so embarrassed at what I had done to my finances. I was afraid to ask anyone for help.
I am so glad I found the courage to do so. You have shown me how to reorganize my priorities
and create the life that I have wanted for so long. Thank You!”